FAQ Floor Screed

Frequently Asked Questions

What is screed? / What is a screed floor? / What is concrete screed?

Screed is a thin layer of specialist concrete which is poured over a concrete floor base (or even over underfloor heating) to create a smooth, level surface that can accommodate the final floor covering such as carpet or tile.

What is screed made of?

Traditional floor screed also known as sand and cement floor consists of sharp sand, cement, reinforced fibres and a minimum quantity of water.

What are the different types of screed?


Generally, this screed is an ideal option for thinner sections wherein heavy items are expected to be kept.


Is made with a mixture of sand and cement or calcium sulphate. It has the capability of levelling by itself.


Floating screeds are laid on an insulation to provide an insulated floor area.

Can you pour screed over concrete?

Yes - the main purpose of screed is to pour it over a concrete sub floor.

How long does screed take to dry?

Intrica Surfaces supply and install fast drying screed with a 72 hour drying time

Suitable for all types of floors and all types of properties?

Its possible to use screed in domestic properties, as well as commercial and industrial buildings.